The Summer Singers

The Summer Singers will be performing as part of the Smokehouse Dedication Program. The Summer Singers began singing together in 2007 so this our seventh summer together. The original members met as part of the larger Community Chorus of Hales Corners, but now we have members from all different choirs and areas. Most choirs go […]

Down On The Farm ……… Franklin Style

From the early beginnings and up until the 1950’s, Franklin was a very rural area, with family farms comprising a large part of the landscape. It was characteristic of these farm families to be very self-sufficient and independent, yet work cooperatively with their neighbors to meet the needs of the community. Life on the farm […]

Time Goes By Along “Old Loomis Road”

Businesses at intersections of major transportation routes, as in Franklin, were very common and used often by passing motorists. The area of 76th St. and Loomis Rd. was no exception. What residents of Franklin know today as the corner of 76th St. and Old Loomis Rd. was once a vibrant corner full of businesses that […]