Franklin Historical Society

The mission of the Franklin Historical Society is to seek to preserve and foster appreciation of local history and to maintain living museums for educational and community enrichment.


Upcoming Events 2024


Upcoming Franklin Historical Society’s Open Houses

The Franklin Historical Society will  open our historic buildings after the free Concerts in the Park summer series which start at 1:30 p.m. and our buildings will be open before 3 p.m. The listing of the bands follows:

Concerts in the park – June 30 The Falcons, July 14 The Do Wa Wahs July 28 Floor it August 11 AARPers Bizarre and August 25 The Wolfs Band. The concerts start at 1 p.m.

We will have our traditional open house on Thursday the 4th of July and our Christmas program on Saturday December 7th and other dates are being planned. If you have a group that would want a free private tour just contact Jim Luckey at 414-421-6539 or email


Liberty Tree Dedication Ceremony

The Franklin Historical Society hosted a dedication ceremony for the planting of a Liberty Tree in our historic village of buildings. This is the first step for the City of Franklin to honor the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independent in 2026. This includes a bronze plaque of Benjamin Franklin in front of city hall.

The Liberty Tree (1646–1775) was a famous elm tree that stood in Boston, Massachusetts near Boston Common in the years before the American Revolution. In 1765, Patriots in Boston staged the first act of defiance against the British government at the tree. The tree became a rallying point for the growing resistance to the rule of Britain over the American colonies, and the ground surrounding it became known as Liberty Hall.

Great Lakes Model A Ford  Club Tour

Christmas Program 2023


The Franklin Historical Society’s 2023 Christmas program Saturday December 2nd was a great success! We had three St. Peters Chapel Services, a special children’s program in the Whelan School, live music and refreshments in the Town Hall and our Sheehan/Godsell Cabin and the Franklin Barn Museum were open for touring.







Fall Fest in Franklin   October 2023



Vietnam Veterans Program – 2022


Saturday April 30, the Franklin Historical Society hosted a “Vietnam Retrospective” program developed by Doug Schmidt and the Franklin Historical Society at the Franklin Public Library. We had a great turnout of guests. They were greeted by songs of the Vietnam era Doug had set up. He also had over 100 pictures that rotated during his presentation of the history of the Vietnam War from its earliest beginnings to the withdrawal and the politics involved.




Historic District

The Franklin Historical Society’s village of buildings has been land marked in 2018 as a “Historic District” by the Milwaukee County Historical Society.Pictured below is our new General Store display in the Old Town Hall.