Businesses of St Martins

Businesses of St Martins THE EARLY BUSINESSES OF ST. MARTINS A windmill, a brewery, a general store, and a farm implement dealer —these were some of the early businesses of Franklin. Located in St. Martins, they provided products and services for the rural population of the area. Even though all four of these no longer

Pioneer Cemeteries – Reminders of The Past

Pioneer Cemeteries – Reminders of The Past When presenting the history of the Franklin area, the final resting places of its earliest settlers are sometimes overlooked. Often people pass by these cemeteries and are unaware of their existence or that these grave markers tell a story about the immigrant families that chose to settle in


SACRED HEART SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY The Sacred Heart School of Theology, located on Hwy. 100 near Rawson Avenue, was originally known as the Sacred Heart Monastery and as a seminary for the training of men into the priesthood. It was originally built across the street from the present buildings. The original building was built in

When Ice Cutting Was Winter Work

PHOTO:  This is an old photo of the ice house that stood in St. Martins until 2008.  It was used as an ice house from 1850-1935. If this was the early 20th century it would be that time of the year when ice harvesting on the lakes, ponds and rivers would be occurring.  In the “good

An Old Fashioned Christmas

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season as the Franklin Historical Society presents its annual Christmas celebration in Lions Legend Park. Children are invited to the Whelan School on Saturday, December 1 in preparation for the Christmas festivities. There they will make ornaments, decorate the school tree and learn songs of the