Riding the Rails

Riding The Rails – Franklin Interurban Train The subject of building more commuter trains has bee in the in the last few year, but in 1904 there actually was an electric rail service in Franklin that began in the St. Martins area. St. Matins became a hub for travelers from Mukwonago, East Troy and other

Loomis Pony Express

BY DOUG SCHMIDT Franklin Historian Most Franklin, Greendale and Greenfield area residents have traveled along Highway 36, more commonly known as Loomis Road, but few know the origins of its name. In the early 1800s, the southwestern portion of Milwaukee County was largely a frontier. As townships began to transform the landscape, a pony express

Eulogy Alfred “Al” Block

ALFRED “AL” BLOCK 1928-2018 “Alfred” Al Block, patriarch of the Franklin Historical Society, died peacefully on February 17 at the age of 90 after a long, distinguished life. He wore many hats from teacher and administrator to war veteran and conservationist. But above all, he will be remembered as an educator who took pleasure in

Franklin History Quiz Two

HISTORY QUIZ #2 This Franklin history quiz is definitely a challenging one! The first letter clues are given and the answers can be found in the Cabins to Condos publication, in past articles in the “Historically Speaking” column published in the Chronicle or in the past Franklin Historical Society newsletters. Good luck! F_____________former Mayor of

Franklin History Quiz One

DO YOU KNOW……. Here is a list of 20 questions to see what you know about the history of Franklin. All of the questions are taken from articles that appeared in the Franklin Citizen (now called the Chronicle) in the column entitled “Historically Speaking” by Judy Scherrer or appeared in stories in the Cabins to

Remembering The Area Called Harrisburg

REMEMBERING THE AREA CALLED “HARRISBURG” The name was “Harrisburg” and it once was one of four hamlets in Franklin that developed along major transportation routes, similar to St. Martins, Painesville and Oakwood. Harrisburg was located at the intersection of St. Martins Rd. and S. North Cape Rd. near the western edge of Franklin. A mile

From The Author

Coming Soon……… “FOOTPRINTS OF FRANKLIN” (A Book of Stories about Franklin’s Past)   Franklin has been my home ever since I was born and I love living here. Early members of my family have been here since the mid 1800’s on farms that have remained in our family for 100-150 years. For as long as