From Our Files – Elsie Martin

The photo was sent to Doug Schmidt, FHS Board Member, by Lloyd Martin who was born in Franklin. It is a picture of his grandmother Elsie Martin and an unidentified woman sitting on chairs in the rear of an old farm truck ready to be in a parade for the opening or reopening of Rawson Avenue. The Martin farm was located on both sides of 51st & Rawson. The farm house still stands on 51st St., across from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Elsie’s 3 sons built homes on the farm, one on the southwest corner of 51st & Rawson, one on the southeast corner of 51st & Rawson and one on the farm next to the original farm house,

Elsie Martin

An interesting part of the photo is how the truck is decorated for the parade – cornstalks draping the rear of the truck and flags decorating the front of the truck. If anyone knows what year this photo may have been taken or knows when Rawson Avenue was redone please contact the Franklin Historical Society.