Franklin History Quiz One


Here is a list of 20 questions to see what you know about the history of Franklin. All of the questions are taken from articles that appeared in the Franklin Citizen (now called the Chronicle) in the column entitled “Historically Speaking” by Judy Scherrer or appeared in stories in the Cabins to Condos book published by the historical society.

Good Luck!

1. What is the name of the one-room school that is located in the historical park?

2. Which Franklin cemetery has the oldest marked grave site in Milwaukee County?

3. What are the two major ethnic groups that originally settled in Franklin?

4. Where is the church located that was built in the middle 1800’s by the “free thinkers”?

5. What well-known museum to aviation in Oshkosh was founded in Franklin?

6. What was the name of the grade school that was built when the 4 one-room schools were consolidated into a single school district?

7. Where was the Hales Corners Speedway located?

8. What church in Franklin was built using buildings from a former prisoner-of-war encampment?

9. What church was moved from the cemetery grounds on S. 68th St. to the historical park?

10. What was the location of the Japanese pagoda style Wadham’s gas station?

11. When was Franklin High School built?

12. Who was the first principal of Franklin High and continued to hold the job for a total of 28 years?

13. What weekend celebration in September is Franklin known for?

14. Which church in St. Martins was established by the Irish?

15. What building is considered the oldest home in Franklin and is now located in the historical park?

16. What was the name of the early brewery established in the St. Martins area?

17. What family operated an implement business in St. Martins for many years?

18. When was the Franklin Historical Society founded?

19. What is the newest addition to the Franklin Historical Park?

20. What is the latest fund-raising project being conducted by the Franklin Historical Society?






1. Whelan School

2. Carman Family Cemetery on 68th St., north of Ryan Rd.

3. Irish, German

4. Painesville Chapel, located on corner of Ryan Rd. & 27th St.

5. EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association)

6. Ben Franklin School, formerly located on 76th St., south of Drexel

7. On present site of the Franklin Menard’s store

8. St. James Catholic Church on 27th St., south of Rawson Ave.

9. St. Peter’s Chapel

10. 76th St. & Ryan Rd.

11. 1962

12. Romuald Kucinski

13. Labor Day Fair

14. Holy Assumption Catholic Church

15. Sheehan-Godsell cabin

16. Gross Brewery

17. Mayer family

18. 1969

19. Delikat smokehouse

20. Barn project (housing a museum to farming)